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Soooo yeah here it is ! Higuchi Yuta pimp-post ♥ This is my first pimp-post ever and I don't know if it is really good and there is maybe some parts to complete but I did my best o/

And Yuta is the best okay ♥

[Last update 2013.06.25 : Neburenu Machi no Oujisama~Dreams like bubble of champagne~ (Musical) added !]


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Cute Yuta

I am still alive.

Hmhm it's been a looooong time since I've last wrote here (a) I know I said I'd update during my trip but I ended up being so lazy that I finally didn't... and I didn't have so much time finally so... SORRY :D Anyway almost no one is reading è_é XD

The fact is tonight is a really cold night (at least for me) and that I'm here in my bed with my (brand new) computer and I feel like writing so here we go o/ I'll just summarize what I did in Japan during my whole trip (August 1 - September 2) and what about my life at the moment :D

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Yuta and glasses ♥


I'll be leaving for Japan in 3 days !!! S00000N !! Can't believe I'll actually go there ;____;

This is just a short entry before... I don't know when I'll be able to update it but quite soon I hope ! Tomorrow I'll be flying to Nantes (in France) to my friends miyokox and misae's home ! I'm really excited o// Can't wait !

In other news I'm trying to get tickets for BACS Award! 2013 on August 5 in which Yuta and Neburenu Machi's cast will be guests o// I'm still waiting for e+ mail with the confirmation number and if I don't get it motusama will try to buy tickets for us ! I'll be attending this event, no matter what è_é

I'll go now, see you soon guys ! ♥
Yuta and glasses ♥


Such a weird title right ? Ahah I got some inspiration tonight XD

I'll be leaving for Japan in 10 days now ! Tomorrow will go under the step of 10 days and it seems so clooose so I'm slowly becoming more and more excited o/ Of course I was before but now it's becoming crazy \o/
On July 29 I'll be going to my friends and fellow fangirls' miyokox & misae home until July 31, our departure for Japan ! It will be so much fun o/ But it means I have to make everything done in one week from now on >< A bit stressful but I'm sure it will be fine !!

I have to prepare a lot of things and one of them is : my letter for Yuta. I'm planning on trying to handle it to him on August 29 if the show ever have an after talk o/ If I can't, then I'll post it in Japan o/ (an our flat in Nippori is near to a post-office XD) I began to think about it but I have many things to say and of course saying it in Japanese is even more difficult for me x__x But I'm doing my best, I hope I'll be able to write something good ahahah.

In other news, Mélody and I planned to go to an event on August 2 with some boys from the butai 'Tumbling' ! I honestly wanted to attend the show because it's a butai who seems really fun to watch D: But I have no money so ahahaah ! But I'm still glad I'll be able to see some of the boys such as Ikeoka Ryosuke, Katsuhiro or Sano Gaku and some other boys I really like ! Can't say I'm their biggest fan ever of course but it's always nice to have a handshake with such cute boys :D I really hope will be able to attend it properly since I'm not really sure about the details but well o/

I'll try to update this lj once more before leaving ! And then probably during the trip too but I'll let you guys know later ahah :D

For now, as Yuta would say, oyasuminmin !
Yuta and glasses ♥

Let's open the champagne !

Just a really short entry because I'm happy and I want to share it ~

I received my Neburenu Machi no Oujisama ticket today ! The ticket arrived in a really great package and in a perfect condition so once again thank you so much Amanda ♥

photo (1)-horz

Here is a picture of the ticket and a picture of the theater ! My seat is the one surrounded by red ! The theater seems really smaaaall so I should be able to see the play (Yuta) well ! o/ (I hope so) I'm a bit disappointed because my japanese friend who is a great Tower Boys fan told me that TowaBo event gonna be on August 13 and I'll be in Osaka at this time... I really would have loooved to attend a Tower Boys event but well I'm not complaining, I'm really happy with the butai already !

Oh and second great thing of the day => Yuta going to the sea with his friend. He, as usual, tweeted a lot of pictures and I'm just dying in front of it.

13.07.13 (1)13.07.13 (2)13.07.13 (7)

I'm dying because of the arms, the hair, the sand on his body everything is so perfect kill me now TT
He said he surfed too so I hope one of his friend took a nice picture of it because Yuta surfing omg *o*

A nice shoot has been uploaded on Tower Boys official website too ! I'll post it on higuchi_yuta later ! Now I just want to take a nap in my garden with a big glass of coca-cola dreaming about Yuta on the beach o/

Yuta and glasses ♥

Lucky me ☆

I got my exaaams results and I..... SUCCEEDED YAY ! I got it with 13.3/20 ! I was so happy I drank a lot and... Well. Anyway I'm really really happy about it ! It means that next year I'll be able to study japanese at university wouhou o/ can't wait!

But the greatest news of the day... I GOT A TICKET FOR NEBURENU MACHI NO OUJI SAMA ! Yes, I speak about the August's butai featuring Yuta *___* Amanda from JE Goods, contacted me today saying that she got me a ticket for the August 29, 7PM's show !

Here is my seat, the one with the red circle ! I know that it does not seem very good but since the theater is only 294 seats, I guess I'll still be quite close to the stage ! And anyway I'm so happy to be able to see him for real that it's okay ♥ The tickets went sold out really fast, less than one hour after they went on sale almost all the tickets were already sold out D: I guess it's because the theater is really small o/ but still, I'm really thankful to Amanda for helping me, once again guys if you need a ticket she is really sweet and reliable so go ahead !

Then, yesterday 2 Ninmyu's shows were broadcasted on NicoNico so I got the 13PM's one ! I didn't watch the full thing yet but only the first half and Yuta's solo ! I'll post this one on higuchi_yuta ! I think Yuta's voice really improved a lot since January ! And I'm really happy about it, I think he really did a lot of efforts and I'm proud of him ♥ I hope he will have a solo part in NeburenuMachi too so I'll see if he is still improving ahah ! *_*

I also got my JR Pass exchange order ! With this pass I'll be able to go from Tokyo to Fukuoka for JUMP's concert, then from Fukuoka to Osaka and then from Osaka to Tokyo again o/


I think I'm now officially ready for Japan !! Can't wait D: 24 days to go TT
Yuta and glasses ♥


Hi ~ It's been quite a long time ! And I'm glad to announce that... EXAMS ARE OVER ! I'm so glad (*_*) I'll know if I pass or not on July 5th and even if it should be good I'm still a bit stressed XD Let's hooopeee ~!

I'll be leaving to my friend's home on July 29th and then to Japan on August 1 and I still have quite a lot of things to prepare even if the most important part (flat in Tokyo + hostel in Osaka + plane tickets) is done ! o/ I also booked my room for next year in the city of my university ! Student life sooon ~ (well if I pass my exams though)
I still have to buy JR Pass, to go to the hairdresser, and to buy some more clothes (even if I bought a lot today) ! JAPAN WAIT FOR ME I'M COMING !

Oh and... GREAT NEWS ! Yuta (♥) finally announced a butai in August ! Starting from August 28 to September 1 o// really late in August but still in August, I'll be there and I will obviously do my best to go there !

Since the tickets are a bit difficult to buy for overseas fans and that I absolutely want to be able to see him I contacted Amanda from jegoods (I really recommand her website, she is like really kind, her price aren't too expensive and she is able to help with special request for Johnny's and non-Johnny's related stuffs so if you have anything to buy, go ahead !) and she said she will probably be able to get me a ticket ! Even if it's not 100% sure (but almost) I should be able to attend 「眠れぬ町の王子様~dreams like bubbles of champagne~and so to finally see my Yuta baby in live ♥
Really if I can have a ticket for this butai, it would mean I'll be able to see JUMP and Yuta in only one month and it would be the most awesome thing of my whole life so let's hope ♥

Then JUMP babies ! They released Come On A My House single !

Come On A My House : Cute, refreshing. The perfect summer song in my opinion.
Bounce : The cool song. As much as I love it, I think it's really better when performed just like Beat Line.
New Hope : The song that will make me cry during concert. The vocals are amazing.
Just for You : The surprise of this single for me. I did like it when singing live but I have to say the full version is incredible. (and god Keito solo + wtf is this awesome Chinen's part)
Scramble : Probably my favorite of the single. I love everything in it from the lyrics to the melody to everything. (and Daiki's voice please kill me now)

I just LOVED this single and it's one of their best in my opinion. (no I'm not saying this everytime they release singles)

Anyway holidays, I'll be able to stan JUMP/Choutokkyuu/EXO/BAP and my recent love Bangtan more than ever, to go to Japan with my friends... I'll enjoy those holidays like never before.
Yuta and glasses ♥

i should be studying but...

.. i feel like updating this blog o/

I will be into exams starting from tomorrow and until June 25th o/ Several oral and writing exams ahahaha I want to die o/ But if I pass it I'll be able to go to the university studying japanese so it's worst it I guess !

I haven't been able to be so much into fandom lately but well here is what I remember from the past days !


JUMP's medley at Shounen Club was totally wonderful ♥ And I'm in love with Scramble ! Even more than BOUNCE, this song is perfect and so is the choreo and the boys vocal and everything ♥♥ I really can't wait for august 11 even if I don't know how I'll be able to survive it actually.


I wanted to save money but... I preordered Choutokkyuu's single Bloody Night o/ I couldn't help, seeing Ryouga dancing has become one of my favorite thing in life ♥ And well the limited edition comes with 2 versions of Bloody Night Odotte Mita so... Yes I had to buy it. Can't wait to receive it *___* They sent it to me back on wednesday so maybe I'll have it at the end of this week or early next week o/

Yeah I'm posting this without reason I just love Ryouga's face that much D:

BTW now Ryouga knows there are fans in France !! My friend Ami told Koichi there are fans in France and then asked Ryouga on his blog entry yesterday if Koichi told him about the french's fans and he answered that YES Koichi told him and that he is so happy Choutokkyuu is known here in France ! I'm so happy too huhuhu *___*

And about Yuta, I'm so glad he tweeted a loooot of pictures recently during his rehearsal for Nintama Rantarou Musical ! He is always so cute, his tweets (even with no pictures) are always making me smile a lot and that really helps with all the stress of exams ♥ Yuta thank you always !

My favorite pic of the moment because being that cool shouldn't be allowed.

Oh and hotel for Osaka from August 11 to August 16 is now booked too ! This is great, now I just have to order JR Pass and to change some more euros into yens (I'll be going on saturday) and I'll be done with all those annoying stuffs o/

I'm going to eat something now and then maybe study a bit ahahaha... HELP.