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だから Always Go My Way…


Who am I ?
I'm a french 17 girl who loves everything Japanese and English ! I'm sometimes dreaming too much but I'll always go my way.
Let's speak about love ~
I'm in love with a dinosaurs lover who wears everything with skulls and eats chocoballs while listening KPOP songs. This is my smiling angel Higuchi Yuta.
Hey! Say! JUMP are my stars in heaven.
But cause my heart is big...
I'm also a great fan of Sexy Zone ! My favorite member is Sô. I also like KPOP, my favorite bands are B1A4 and EXO ~ And I'm a great fan of JUNON Boys such as Imada Ryuto or Sano Gaku... I'm curious ! XD
It's already the end ?!
London is probably my favorite city ever, and Tokyo the second one ~! I love British culture ~ And Japanese one too XD I also like reading, I can read everything so I won't tell any favorite.

drama, hey ! say !, j-music, japanese, twilight